Foredrag: “Evolutionary Dentistry – what we can learn from past for today’s periodontal therapy” ved professor Johan Wölber fra Carl Gustav Carus Medical Faculty – TU Dresden, Germany

Kort utilgængelig
Dato: 2. november 2023
Tid: 17:30 - 19:30
Sted: Tandlægeforeningen



Although today’s periodontal prevention and treatment approaches using plaque control are undoubtedly an effective measure, in view of the still high prevalences of gingivitis and periodontitis, the question arises whether plaque control really addresses the cause of the diseases? This question is raised both by the low burden of periodontal disease in wildlife and by prehistoric findings of healthy dentitions in Homo sapiens who do not or did not perform oral hygiene measures.

From an evolutionary, biological, and nutritional perspective, dental biofilms have to be considered a natural phenomenon, whereas several changes in human lifestyle factors during modern evolution were not “natural”. These lifestyle factors include the modern “Western diet” (rich in sugar and saturated fats and low in micronutrients), smoking, sedentary behavior, and continuous stress. This lecture hypothesizes that not plaque itself but rather these modern, unnatural lifestyle factors are the real causes of the high prevalence of caries and periodontal diseases besides several other non-communicable diseases. Accordingly, applying evolutionary and lifestyle medicine in dentistry would offer a causative approach against oral and common diseases, which would not be possible with oral hygiene approaches used on their own.


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