Bone Augmentation – Focus on Sinus Lift

Kort utilgængelig
Dato: 13. marts 2020
Tid: 9:00 - 16:30
Sted: Institute for Anatomy Medical University of Vienna


1-day hands-on course using fresh human cadaver heads  in Vieanna, Austria.

@ Medical University of Vienna, Institute for Anatomy, Währinger Straße 13, 1090 Vienna

09:00-10:00 Fresh-up in oral anatomy & novel approaches for maxillary sinus lift: intra-antral perforations for improved graft consolidation

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break 10:15-11:00 Lateral and transcrestal sinus lift & novel approaches for maxillary sinus lift: magnetic mallet for transcrestal sinus lift

11:00-13:00  Hands-on Sinus Lift Lateral window approach with rotary instruments / with piezosurgery & Transcrestal approach with osteotomes / with piezosurgery / with a magnetic mallet

13:00-13:45 Fresh-up in bone biology of grafting materials

13:45-16:30 Hands-on  Autogenous bone harvesting & Dissection of the sinus and other anatomical structures  Coffee, beverages, finger food, fruits and sweets will be available throughout the course in the lecture room, adjacent to the laboratory.

Speakers Prof. Christian Ulm, MD, DMD (Head of the Div. of Oral Surgery, Med. Univ. of Vienna, Austria), Prof. Andreas Stavropoulos, DDS, PhD, dr. odont. (Chair of the Dep. of Periodontology, Univ. of Malmö, Sweden) & Ass. Prof. Kristina Bertl, DMD, PhD, MBA, MSc (Dep. of Periodontology, Univ. of Malmö, Sweden)

Course language: English

Course Fee: € 1.590 (excl. VAT)

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