Generalforsamling middag og foredrag – bemærk kun 50 pladser til middagen

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Dato: 28. marts 2019
Tid: 17:30 - 22:00
Sted: Gentofte Hotel


Secular trends over 40 years in periodontal health and disease in individuals aged 20–80 years in Jönköping, Sweden

In the beginning of the 1970s, extensive caries, periodon­titis, tooth loss, and wide-spread edentulism were seen in the Jönköping population as well as in the rest of Sweden. In 1974, a New Dental Act was introduced that reduced costs for dental care for the individual but also financed population based preventive care, including all children and adults. In the city of Jönköping, epidemiological cross-sectional studies have been repeated every decade since 1973. These studies were ini­tiated in order to assess oral health changes and trends in the population and to evaluate implemented systematic preventive meas­ures. A randomized, stratified, representative sample of individuals aged 3 to 80 years was selected at each time point. The presentation will focus on oral health trends over 40 years and in particular prevalence and severity of periodontitis. The results and what impact they will have on dental health care and dental delivery systems in the near future will be presented and discussed.

Aftenens program:

17:30-19:00:   Foredrag ved professor, Odont Dr,  Ola Norderyd, Malmø Universitet

19:00-20:30:  Middag (bemærk kun 50 pladser)

20:30-:            Generalforsamling

Om aftenens foredragsholder:

Ola Norderyd has a speciality degree in periodontology and is adjunct professor at the Department of Periodontology at the Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University. He is head of the departments of Periodontology, Endodontics and Prosthetic Dentistry at the Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education in Jönköping. He is also on the board of the Public Dental Health in the Region Jönköping County.

Ola Norderyd spent 1990 -1992 as visiting researcher at the Periodontal Disease Clinical Research Center, Department of Oral Biology, SUNY at Buffalo. After completing his PhD thesis “Risk for periodontal disease in a Swedish adult population; Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies over two decades” in 1998, his research has continued within the area of epidemiology of periodontal diseases, using population-based oral health data collected in Jönköping. In addition, he has been collaborating in different research projects with groups at the Karolinska Institute, Malmö University and the Sahlgrenska Academy at Göteborg University. The research is within the area of perio-systemic connections, periodontal treatment and implantology.


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